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Those who are not aware of what is Artificial Reality, they can get a brief idea on this by reading the Myron Krueger’ s Artificial Reality book which was published in 1982 and 1991 titled Artificial Reality and Artificial Reality II.

In the 1st book of Artificial Reality that was written by Krueger (also known as father of artificial reality) covers the fundamentals of simulation technology as well as a future outlook.

Here, he recounts his journey from the beginnings of artificial reality to current innovations, conveying both his excitement about realizing many of these possibilities as well as an imaginative range of possibilities.

Bibliographic information

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  • Digitized: 16 Nov 2007
  • ISBN: 0201047659, 9780201047653
  • Length: 312 pages

In the 2nd book i.e. Artificial Reality II, Myron Krueger shares a vision of how we will connect with technology in the future, when computers would recognize our wants and react to them. Artificial Reality II demonstrates how simulated environments enable people to interact with computers in radically new ways for problem-solving and recreation.

Bibliographic information

  • Title: Artificial Reality II (Polar Research)
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Both these books are available to readers on the Amazon or at You can click on the below given links to buy it now and start reading the concepts of a virtual world:



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