Saturday 9th December 2023

In present times many people are quite confused with the term Artificial reality and they think that artificial reality is Virtual Reality.

But guys this is not true, an Artificial reality is a general term that we use to describe a world that is not real or created to attract one’s attention.

I searched a lot on internet regarding the Artificial reality articles, guest posts and research papers, but I didn’t get a single link. So, I decided to create one for you which will explain and clear all doubts!

Artificial Reality

So now if we talk about the Artificial Reality, then it is a kind of thing which is only created by adding some artificial things to gain someone’s attention. This might include the projectors light, mirror work and sound of music.

When this combination is used, a person can experience the artificial reality. So here he/she can see the things but can’t grab it because everything is just an illusion.

The biggest example of Artificial Reality is the Mirage. Mirage is an optical illusion caused due to total internal reflection of light. The light gets refracted when it passes from cold to hot air and so light bends and you see fake water on road.

You can learn more about the concepts of Artificial Reality in this book which has been written by Myron Krueger in 1983.

Artificial Reality vs Virtual Reality

Something that’s is not real it is an Artificial Reality, but that also depends on how it is created and what technologies are used to experience this kind of world.

So here Artificial Reality is a common term and Virtual reality is a form or a branch of Artificial Reality like the Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality.


In Virtual reality, we use the computer technologies like hardware and software to create a 3d simulated environment and to experience that virtual world, we use the compatible gadgets like VR headsets, VR helmets, VR bodysuits etc.

At present, the trend of Virtual Reality is all over and you can majorly see it is the gaming and entertainment industries. You can wear the VR gadgets like headsets, bodysuits and enjoy the next level gaming!

Future of Artificial Reality

Artificial reality has a bright future ahead of it as technology evolves. AR experiences will become more widely used as a result of hardware developments like lightweight, inexpensive AR glasses.

Furthermore, new opportunities for linked and context-aware AR applications will be made possible by the combination of artificial reality with other cutting-edge technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Majority of companies from all over the world are heavily investing in the VR and in next 5 to 10 years we can see big improvements in each and every field especially in the gaming, entertainment, and healthcare sector.

So that’s all about what is the Artificial Reality. If you would like to know more it, then please let us know your thoughts in the feedback section below and don’t forget to share it with others on social media groups.

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