Saturday 9th December 2023

Full body VR suits are designed to experience the virtual reality gaming or VR environment. As these suits are made up of high-quality fabric and you can wear them comfortably, you can use it for a long time every day with proper care.

Another plus point is that these VR suits are washable and somewhat stretchable. You can easily clean them and use for a long time while playing the VR game on the computer generated 3D environment.

Just keep one thing in mind, because you are using it daily while playing the games in the virtual reality, so it is highly recommended wash and clean the VR body suit with proper care once or twice in a week.

This will increase the average lifespan of the body VR suit and you can use it for long time without investing in new body VR suit. We have covered a detail article on how long does a full body VR suit last, so if you haven’t read it then we encourage you must read it before purchasing it for authorized vendors.

Benefit of Full Body VR Suit

  • You can make yourself comfortable and take your virtual reality experience to next level.
  • You can join the VR network and play VR games daily worldwide.
  • As these suits are made up of spandex, you can easily stretch it.
  • Once you get familiar with suit, you can figure out pressure points while playing VR games.
  • Provides a more immersive VR experience
  • Can be used for motion capture and animation creation.
  • Can simulate a wide variety of physical sensations.

Cons of Full Body VR Suit

Though the benefit of VR suits will let you to enjoy every moment of VR world like a real world, Still there are some disadvantages of using full body VR suit like:

  • Daily use might fade the color.
  • Life of suit will be deteriorate.
  • Unhygienic, bad smell due to sweating.
  • Chance of infection will increase.
  • Might feel irritation on skin like red spots
  • It is an expensive product which might burn your pocket.
  • May require a lot of setup and packing away between uses.

So guys that’s what we thought about the full body VR suit. If you know anything else everyday use of body VR suit, then please leave your feedback and experience with us in the comments and don’t forget to share it with others on social media groups like FB, Threads, Twitter etc.

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