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A computer generated environment is a kind of 3D virtual world that has been created via a software at the studio or inside the computer.

It is a simulated environment that gives a realistic feel which you can experience with naked eyes or using some special devices like VR headsets or VR suits.

In Studio

With the help of high-tech projectors and graphics you can view a 3D world in a studio. Here a number of projectors, project the light on black or green area to create a 3D image which you can watch with naked eyes.

To experience it you have to visit that place and you can experience computer generated environment without any risk.

If you would like to make your virtual world experienced more realistic then you can wear a full body VR suit. These types of new VR suits will enable the sensation in your body and you can feel the pain and pleasure.

Apart from studio projectors, some vendors create a 3D simulated environment using VR headset. Here you have to wear a VR headset (you can also wear the body VR suits). It will generate 3D image in front of you, which you can see as if everything is actually moving in front of you!

Inside Computer

In some scenarios, it has been also seen that whole virtual world is created inside a computer as a program with high quality images and graphics.

So here with the help of VR gadgets, you connect with this computer generated environment and explore the things.

Technically assume, you are playing a game and you are feeling that in actually you are playing it and controlling everything.

In case if you are playing a video game by wearing a full Body VR suite, then in the weapon-based games like Call of Duty, Fortnite you can literally feel the bullet shots, rain, heat and temperature on your body.

Real Life Uses of Computer-Generated Environments

We have already explained how and where a computer generated environment is created. Now let’s find out the real life cases where this technology ruling all over the world and everybody is accepting it happily.

In Gaming

This is the sector where testing ad research is on the top and you can find a lot improvement year by year. And guys this gaming sector helping other sectors like entertainment, education, healthcare to achieve the desired results.

As we know earlier we used to play games using the game console on TV or PC, but nowadays we can play it like we are inside the game and controlling everything.

The latest advancements like VR body suits, VR headsets have expended the functionality of gaming world to next level. Now we can feel bullet shot, rain, pain, pleasure on body with the haptic touch system.

In Training Programs

This technology is quite helpful for those who look for risk free training. Using a computer generated environment, now drivers can learn driving, a pilot can get training how to fly an airplane, military person / spy / police can get risk free realistic training with all complexities.

In Education

Using this, you can show the actual 3D pictures or video animations to your students and explain everything with clarity. Being a teacher….

  • You can present a 3d animal footage on a table.
  • You can show what will happen when you’ll mix 2 chemicals.
  • You can teach about the space like solar system, galaxies etc.

These tactics will increase the interest of students and they will understand about a topic in detail with known and working facts.

In Business for presentations

Those who would like to gain the client’s attention they can use the 3D simulated environment to present the things. By using this you can take your client on virtual tour and explain everything in detail.

In Film and Animation

At the present time, this technology is heavily using in the film and animation industries. Using this a fake projection is created to make a scene more realistic and authentic.

This enable filmmakers to bring imaginative worlds to life, create realistic virtual sets, and seamlessly integrate live-action footage with digital elements.

In Architecture and Design

Architects and designers use computer-generated environments to visualize and present their concepts and designs. Virtual walkthroughs, 3D renderings, and interactive models allow clients to experience and provide feedback on proposed structures before construction begins.

Being an Architect and designer, you can show whole design from inside to outside and even show the top and side view!

Still if you are in doubt?

I got an interesting and very popular footage from X-men The last stand movie which clearly explains what is computer generated environment? Watch it now:

Final Words

The limits of computer-generated environments are constantly being pushed by improvements in computer graphics, processing speed, and virtual reality technology. Future digital worlds could be much more interactive, realistic, and immersive, with improved haptic feedback and social interactions.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies progress, the computer-generated environments may improve in intelligence and responsiveness, adjusting to human preferences and actions.

New types of hybrid environments that smoothly integrate digital and physical components will probably result from the convergence of virtual reality, Augmented reality, and mixed reality technology.

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