Saturday 9th December 2023

The technology in the gaming industry continues to advance and with the advancement of VR technology in games, the overall gaming experience is scaling new heights. Now players can feel every touch in the game by wearing full body VR suit as if they are playing in real life.

So what has been changed now? How does the full body VR suit make gaming experience more real? Get all details below and don’t forget to share.

From VR headsets to Full Body VR Suit

Well guys as you know these days players use the VR headsets like quest 2, quest 3 to play games in the virtual world. You might have also used these virtual reality headsets to experience the virtual reality in Malls, Clubs, Theaters, and Museums.

So up to here a player just wears the VR headset on the head and plays the game using the game console (special wireless gadget) in the virtual gaming environment. This whole environment makes one feel as if a player is actually playing in a computer generated environment.

But something is still missing!

You can’t feel anyone’s touch. You can’t feel any pain on your body like the reality. So to make whole virtual gaming environment more realistic, full body VR suit invented which simulates the pain and pleasure and when you play any game in #virtualreality you literally feel touch.

All this achieved by adding the motion tracking sensors and haptic feedback mechanisms on different spots all over the VR body suits.

So whenever an object hits you in the game, you feel a vibration on your body. You may also feel pain in different parts of the body. While playing “adult games” in the virtual environment, you can even feel the pleasure when the girl touches you.

That all is super awesome and looks cool when you play game with more add-on features.

Full body VR suit make gaming experience

The design of full body VR suit is just like the full body swimming suit, made up of spandex and very comfortable to wear. These VR suits cover the player body from head to toe, making it possible for them to have a more realistic and stimulating experience while interacting with the virtual environment.

The best things of these VR bodysuits are that they are made up of special conductive threads with a layer of waterproof neoprene (synthetic rubber) that makes them easily washable and wearable again once it gets cleaned and as it is bit stretchable, other person can also wear!

Here are some ways in which a full-body VR suit can achieve this:

Haptic Feedback

The suit is equipped with haptic sensors and actuators that simulate the sense of touch.

As you play the game, you can feel physical sensations corresponding to in-game actions, such as getting hit, bullet shot, experiencing vibrations,  sensing the texture of virtual objects.

This adds a new level of realism and engagement to the gaming experience.

If you ever played the game on Sony’s Playstation PS5 via the DualSense controller then you can feel this  haptic feedback  like “slow grittiness of driving a car through mud”.

Motion Tracking

The suit tracks your body movements and translates them into the virtual world.

As the suit is packed with a number of sensors, the tracking of body movement is quite easy. Even using this suit, a medical examiner can examine everything like BP, oxygen level etc.

This allows you to see your own body and movements reflected accurately in the game.

Whether you’re running, jumping, or crouching, your in-game avatar mimics your actions, making the gameplay feel more natural and immersive.

Immersive Audio

The VR suit often comes with built-in speakers or headphones that provide spatial audio. This means you can hear sounds coming from different directions based on the virtual environment.

For example, if an enemy approaches you from the left, you will hear their footsteps from that direction. This 3D audio further enhances the sense of presence and realism in the game.

Real-Time Feedback

Some companies are testing this feature to provide real-time feedback based on your physical condition in the virtual world..

For instance, if your avatar gets injured or fatigued, the suit will simulate the corresponding sensations, such as increased resistance or simulated pain.

This feedback connects your physical state with the virtual environment, making the experience more lifelike.

The situation might even get reverse where the character of the game will perform based on your current health.

Multi-Sensory Integration

By combining haptic feedback, motion tracking, and immersive audio, the full-body VR suit creates a multi-sensory experience.

This integration of multiple senses, including sight, sound, and touch, allows for a more complete and realistic perception of the virtual world.

It helps blur the line between the physical and virtual realms, immersing you deeply into the game.

Overall, a full body VR suit enhances the gaming experience by providing a more realistic and immersive sensation of being inside the game world. It allows you to physically interact with the virtual environment and receive sensory feedback, creating a heightened level of presence and engagement.

And friends, now with the launch of Meta’s Quest 3 and Apple’s Vision Pro VR Mixed Reality Headset, the player can experience the gaming environment in a much better and bigger way!

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