Tuesday 27th February 2024

Special full body suits for virtual reality (VR) are advancing fast. These let people move freely and use their whole body while feeling like they are inside a realistic simulation. Many industries explore using this technology – including for driver training.

This article will dive into the details and reveal the potential benefits and future applications of VR driving suits that help you to make a best driver who always drive in the lane, follows traffic signals, control the speed and also assist you to enhance your car driving skills.

Understanding Full Body VR Suits

VR means computer-generated 3D worlds that you can look around and move within. Originally VR used just goggles to see these virtual places. But now, full body suits increase the realism dramatically by letting you use your body.

Suits have wearable gear including:

  • Tracking sensors on limbs – Capture motions to control avatars in Virtual World.
  • Haptic gloves and vests – Vibrate to give force feedback sensations like touch, hit
  • Exoskeleton frames – Stop arm movements when hitting virtual objects.
  • Treadmills – Allow walking/running through space while staying in one spot.
  • Wireless connectivity – This enhances overall freedom of the user.

With these innovations, VR users can now pick up and hold virtual objects, feel textures, or sense getting hit by objects. Driving simulations become very lifelike using steering wheels, pedals, and gear shifts that physically react as you control the virtual car.

VR Driving Simulation Research

Studies confirm practicing dangerous real-life activities like driving in safe VR settings boosts skills and much safer. VR training helps develop abilities including:

  • Hazard perception – Seeing and responding to risks
  • Cornering, merging, parking – Performing maneuvers
  • Night/poor weather driving – Adapting vision
  • Distracted and impaired driving – Staying alert

Unlike real roads, simulations allow full control over scenarios to build mastery. And effects like rain or drunkenness pose no actual hazard.

This is a best way to measuring driver behavior and characteristics and helps to reduce accident rates more than traditional instruction. New drivers applying VR experience drive safer with good attention and reactions.

Future Applications

As VR suit technology keeps improving, uses for driver training will keep expanding. Expected applications include:

  • Standard license testing for new drivers
  • Rehabilitation for the disabled or injured
  • Evaluation of senior driver fitness levels
  • Training emergency vehicle operators
  • Testing vehicle safety systems like automatic braking
  • Improving public transit operator skills
  • Validating autonomous vehicle algorithms

VR offers safe and adjustable environments which is perfect for expanding driving capability across many groups. You can learn the driving without any fear and also improve the weak areas quickly with proper rules and regulations.

VR Suits for an Immersive Driving Future

Beyond training and testing, consumer VR driving suits promise exciting potential. VR arcades and home systems could allow realistic simulated driving of dream cars on fantasy tracks.

Stepping into specialty VR rigs, anyone could feel g-forces whipping around Monaco’s famous Formula 1 circuit. Or experience off-road rally races on African savannas using real stationary cars as cockpits. Fanciful journeys may help budding drivers fall in love with real-world motoring.

While VR can never replace actual behind-the-wheel practice, it unlocks revolutionary possibilities for beginner instruction plus public engagement. As equipment prices fall, innovative SIM setups offering custom vehicle adventures could roll into communities everywhere. Just maybe, mastering virtual driving skills starts a lifelong journey toward safe, confident road mastery.

Final Words

Though Driving in Virtual reality on ultimate car driving simulator with Full Body VR Suit can help to avoid crashes, but it is always advised by the experts that practice whatever you have learnt in the real environment on real tracks with a licensed trainer for 15 days.

This will make you pro which will help you to pass car driving test with good score and you can get car driving license.

Now you are ready to apply car driving jobs in your city. This way you can start earning from very first day by using the taxi apps like uber, inDrive, Curb etc and also help others by providing training on real tracks.

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