Saturday 9th December 2023

As the trend of full body vr suit is picking heat day by day and many players showing their interest in buying, a question triggers is a full body vr suit safe?

When we you will dig more about the full body VR suit on google or social platforms, you will find that this is new kind of product in the virtual reality domain which allow you to touch the digital objects , characters of games and in response you will feel pain pleasure sensation on different part of your body!

As this suit is an electronic product, packed with motion tracking sensors, haptic feedback system, lighting and charging units… it’s genuine to ask Is VR body suit safe while playing the VR games?

Well guys.. so far whatever we researched or watched on internet regarding haptic VR body suit, we found that this product is completely safe to use and can be used by people having age more than 17.

The tracking sensors, haptic feedback motors won’t harm you. Instead both these will give you just a feeling that someone has just touched you or you touched someone in virtual environment.

Based on the VR suit controls you can easily set up the intensity of hit, punch, and vibrations.

More controls mean you can happily wear VR suit and play VR games in virtual world without any issue. You can even adjust and control the sound level.

The main agenda of the creators is that you will get the safest suit that will give more enjoyment while playing the game in the virtual environment.

So all okay?

Now there are some key points that can make your full body VR suit unsafe and if you won’t follow the proper instructions then you can put yourself in big trouble.

  • The truth is this suit not recommended to kids / teens having age < 17.
  • Not recommended for people who have weak muscles.
  • Best to wash it once a week in case if you are using it regularly.
  • You may get skin irritation if you wear it for a long time.
  • While washing it, remove all electronic components otherwise VR suit will be damaged.
  • Don’t add any third party unit in this VR suit for more enjoyment.

So friends, this VR suit is completely safe to use as long as you do not do any unnecessary tampering with it. Just follow the proper instructions as mentioned on full body VR suit manual and use it as it is to enjoy the virtual reality based games with quest 3, Apple’s vision pro vr headsets.

That’s our thought on full body VR suit safety!

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