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Virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced rapidly with the launch of Apple’s vision pro and Meta’s Quest 3 in recent years, providing incredibly immersive experiences for gaming, entertainment, and even workplace training simulations. A key part of creating a fully immersive experience is having a full body VR suit that allows users to see and directly interact with the virtual environment using their VR body suit.

Several tech companies have developed affordable and innovative full body suits perfect for consumers, enterprises, and VR arcades. But only few of them are offering the best body VR suits with the high tech technologies like motion tracking, haptic feedback, and more.

Below we have complied a list of  top brands which you can consider while buying it. So let’s dive in and checkout the 10 most popular and reliable brands that offer full body VR suit, so you can experience the virtual reality with real touch while playing the game or watching movies.

Top Brands of Full Body VR Suit


One of the most futuristic and features-packed full body VR suits comes from Teslasuit (https://teslasuit.io). This innovative system contains a form-fitting haptic suit lined with sensors and special haptic feedback technology that enables users to “feel” the virtual environment. As users walk, kick, or get shot inside a VR simulation, the Teslasuit provides realistic physical sensations through its integrated biometrics system and smart textile design.

Beyond touch, the suit also precisely tracks motion so users see a 1:1 translation of body movement to their VR avatar. This creates incredible realism whether boxing an opponent or interacting with objects in a digital world. Teslasuit even offers attachable gear for motion capture of fingers, calves and feet for supreme accuracy. Designed for enterprise training solutions and location-based VR, Teslasuit is the most advanced immersive suit available.


For consumers looking for an affordable full body tracking solution for VR, the UNSINN SUIT (https://unissu.com/) is an excellent option. Starting at $449, this machine-washable outfit contains 14 embedded sensors to precisely track movement of head, arms, elbows, waist and knees. It then wirelessly relays positioning in real-time to SteamVR compatible headsets and controllers. This allows users’ bodies to be mapped into games for responsive, realistic motion.

No external cameras or trackers are required, and UNSINN SUIT works with nearly all major VR headsets like Oculus Quest and HTC Vive. Consumers can play wireless VR experiences or tethered PCVR titles while retaining full range of motion. From shooters to fitness apps to social platforms, this suit opens up new possibilities for at-home VR gamers.


To make interactions inside VR feel natural, having proper hand tracking and feedback is a must. VRgluv (https://www.vrgluv.com) has engineered innovative VR gloves packed with sensors and haptics that provide exceptional dexterous control.

Each glove contains exoskeletal components for tactile pressure on the fingers and palms when touching virtual objects. Integrated IMU sensors precisely track the positioning and movement of hands for direct 1:1 control that feels second nature.

This data glove system features Vibro-Tactile feedback to simulate textures, recoil, or the shape items in your hands. VRgluv is compatible with all SteamVR content, enabling realistic hand immersion ideal for complex simulations. Paired with a headset and full body tracking suit, VRgluv completes the ultimate VR ensemble.


For even greater hand presence inside VR, Manus (https://manus-vr.com) produces professional grade gloves for precise finger and grip tracking. Using proprietary Manus Core technology, each glove contains 18 ultra-thin stretch sensors to map intricate hand and finger articulations. This high fidelity data allows for natural gestural and positional control of one’s virtual hands.

Haptic vibration modules provide perceptive vibrotactile feedback as well, while the comfortable lightweight gloves keep hands cool during active VR gameplay.

Manus integrates with SteamVR devices and works seamlessly with platforms like Unity. It represents the pinnacle of lifelike hand immersion for VR training solutions or academic research that requires fine finger manipulation and direct hand interaction.

Xsens / Movella

While designed more for professional movie/TV studios and research institutions, Xsens aka Movella (https://www.movella.com/products/xsens) produces high-end inertial motion capture suits for incredibly precise VR tracking. Each suit contains 17 wireless IMU trackers secured to major body segments for millimeter accuracy. Xsens delivers raw motion data for custom avatar rigging across industry leading engines like Unity, Unreal, and 3DS Max.

The flexibility of the Xsens system allows it to track both finger articulations as well as full body movement simultaneously when paired with data gloves. With ultra low latency performance and integrated kinetics analysis, this premium motion capture outfit is ideal for science/medical applications as well as blockbuster CGI animation teams.

NullSpace VR previously known as HardLight VR

HardLight VR / NullSpace VR (https://hardlightvr.com/) produces an affordable haptic suit designed specifically for VR gamers. Their sensor-lined suit contains 26 haptic feedback pads located on major muscle groups to simulate sensations like bullet hits, wind, temperature and more.

This allows users to physically feel their VR environment. Integrated sensors also track movement from head to toe for responsive motion capture. Offering good immersion for a fraction of the cost of commercial solutions, HardLight is ideal for home VR users.

Haptx VR

Haptx (https://haptx.com) has developed unique haptic gloves that can convincingly simulate detailed tactile textures and sensations.

Using micro-actuators underneath the fabric, Haptx gloves can replicate nearly any surface – from wood grain and leather to the fur of a virtual animal. This breakthrough in tactile feedback creates incredible realism for virtual interactions.

Paired with a full body haptic suit, the hyper-realistic textures take immersion to new levels.

Rapture Vest

The Rapture Vest from Raptor Reality (https://raptor-reality.com) adds high-fidelity haptic feedback for the torso. The form-fitting vest contains sensor-laden panels that drive intense vibration motors. This lets users physically feel gunshots or other intense effects across their core. Hand and head tracking plus solid haptic response make Rapture Vest a smart addition for first person VR games and tactical training where immersive core feedback shines.

Synesthesia Suit

The Synesthesia Suit from award winning VR video game Rez Infinite provides a unique take on full body haptics.  The entire system is built into a vibration platform for users to stand on. The LED lighting on version 2 full body suit  makes it unique and attracts a number of users.

You can check more like the media and gallery on https://synesthesia-suit.com/.

Just by wearing sensor-enabled wrist and ankle bands, users feel real-time tactile feedback across their whole body as the platform shifts and pulses. This shared haptic surface allows untethered movement ideal for roomscale VR. Embedded climate controls also simulate temperatures.

OWO Game

The OWO game has launched VR Vest packed with features like wireless connectivity,  haptic feedback for unprecedented realism interacting with virtual objects. This is currently available in classic black or in yellow black color options and in 9 different sizes like S, M, L, XL, 2XL etc.

By wearing Owo’s VR Game Hpatic Vest users can grasp, touch, squeeze and feel natural tactile precision calculated in milliseconds. Paired with hand tracking and a headset, OWO allows VR users to manipulate purely digital objects as if they were real. You can wear it while watching movie on TV and it is 100% safe.

Final Words

As VR technology matures, full body motion tracking suits promise to take immersive experiences to the next level. And as we’ve seen, there are now specialized solutions on the market from various innovative brands tailored to the needs of consumers, gamers, enterprises and research teams alike.

With continued advancements in sensor miniaturization and haptic feedback, the future looks incredibly bright for lifelike full body VR interactions. The suits featured here certainly represent only the beginning of the amazing potential for virtual worlds rich with embodiment.

If you would like to experience the virtual world, then you can buy body VR suit from OWOgame. The feedback of this VR vest is positive and it is affordable too. Hence we recommend try it and experience the virtual reality while playing the games or watching movies on your smart TV.

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