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If you have been looking where to buy the full body VR suit to experience the virtual reality? Then here we got some official names and websites which you can visit to book your order.

As the full body VR suits are under testing and development, you can not buy it directly on the Amazon or Best Buy online shops!

To get one, you have to visit the official vendor website. Now create an account using valid email and phone number and thereafter you can book your order and get the full VR body suit delivery at home.

Here is the list of top vendors that offer the full VR body suit to customers:

#1. Tesla Suit

Tesla is a popular VR body suit brand that offers a high-quality product to business customers. Those who looking for realistic full body VR suit from a top brand with best quality design and fabric, they can look for the tesla suit as the Tesla technology provides a comprehensive solution for understanding human behavior and boosting high level performance.

This product comes with haptic touch and motion tracking to interact with virtual environments. So, while playing games or creating 3d animations you can use it. Have a look at the key technologies that makes the Tesla Suit best among others:

  • Haptic feedback system provides users with realistic sensations and a sense of touch (you can feel heat, you can feel rain, feel pain and pleasure) in VR/AR using electro muscle stimulation.
  • Motion capture system analysis each and every position and movements of body which creates a digital representation of the user. This all done by the sensors and well-designed app.
  • Biometry system monitors the health of a person. So, in the health care it would be very useful product because it will read everything in very short time like BP, oxygen, sugar etc!

To book your order for full body VR suite with haptic touch and motion tracking you can go to and order one unit for $12,999 only.

#2. NullSpace VR / HardLight VR

Nullspace VR is another product that you can consider while buying. This brand came in 2017 and recently updated Nullspace VR brand name to Hardlight VR that offers immersive hardware to let you feel virtual reality.

It was the first VR body suit that came with a haptic feedback system. But instead of Full body, Hardlight VR body suit is only for the upper body that allow you to track your entire upper body in virtual space.

As far as the details have been shared on, the VR suite is packed with 32 sensors and 16 individually-activated/-tracked haptic zones on the chest, stomach, shoulders, arms, and hands + 117 effects to make you feel the game in virtual 3D space.

Regarding the Nullspace VR bodysuit, it is made up of very fine quality. It is quite lightweight (similar to a jacket) and compatible with all latest VR headsets. Additionally, you can adjust this suit very gently and wear it easily over the normal clothes and you won’t even notice it while playing the VR games.

#3. Axon VR / HaptX

Axon VR is a great platform for the training purpose. You can sign up for this on Axon website and start a risk-free training on a simulated environment.

Because the company was doing a great job in the virtual reality field, so they rebranded their name to HaptX which clearly indicates that the VR technology is trending in the market and now you can even feel temperature, vibration, motion, shape, and texture of virtual objects.

Though the products of Haptx are limited to haptic gloves only, but in the upcoming years we can see full body haptic suit and force feedback tech for VR and robotics from Haptx because their patented microfluidic system is the only technology capable of providing true-contact haptics.

You can order the Haptx VR gloves from and this would cost you around $4500.

#4. Rapture Vest

It is another haptic gaming VR suit, which is specifically designed to experience the virtual reality. Like HardLight VR, it also comes in a jacket form sometimes called a VR vest for virtual reality.

This is very lightweight, adjustable and comfortable VR bodysuit for the players so they can enjoy the virtual tour of theme parks, offices, hotels, beaches, museums, and jungles from home.

Like other virtual bodysuits, the Rapture vest VR suit has four different kinds of haptic sensations, which can be felt by the players at different levels and environments in the game. Every object has various interactions and sensations with the body of the player in the virtual world.

#5. OWO’s VR haptic suit

This is a brand-new product of OWO that was launched in CES 2023. You can buy this upper body VR haptic suit to turn your virtual world into reality. This suit is available in 9 sizes and offers 10 points including arms where you can feel the sensations and haptics while playing game.

You can order VR haptic vest from OWO from here in just 499€.

Apart from that the suit weighs less than 600 grms and support wireless connectivity. You can wear this outfit and play without worrying for 8 hours and feel sensations like a gunshot, the wind, someone grabbing your arm and even a hug from a loved one.

This suit is fully compatible with VR headsets, game consoles, PC, tablet and mobile. And the supported games are Spligate Arena Warfare, Pubb G, CS:GO, World of Tanks, World of Warships, System of Solus, Song Beater, The Forest, Beat Saber, and Fortnite.

#6. Synesthesia Suit

Synesthesia Suit is a multi-disciplined collaboration designed to enhance the experienced of playing Rez Infinit in VR. To create the Synaesthesia Suit, the team has tested various types of actuators in different locations along the body.

Ultimately, they decided on 26 spots to place them. Each actuator can produce a wide range of tactile sensations like from a Gentle touch to a Hard impact. This makes the player’s body vibrate with melodies.

From feeling percussive beats pulsing in the hips and legs to a guitar strum wave of tingles running over the entire body. Each and every sensation was created to match the in-game action and sounds through an elaborate trial and error process.

The LEDs placed around each actuator add the elements of colors and lights upon vibration. So that even those watching can share the fun.

It is a big rival of tesla haptic suit because both offer great features to make the virtual environment more epic and real!!

You can not buy it directly but if you would like to know more or want to test it then you can contact on and send your query.

So guys that’s all about the best places to buy full body VR suit.

Keep in mind that the full body VR suit concept is quite new and futuristic and you will only get it from the real vendors directly by sending email or via the contact form.

I would like to advice, if you want to experience then order a a haptic VR suit with motion tracking and start testing its capability in the virtual world!!

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