Friday 12th April 2024

As the world of gaming is progressing day by day, the presence of tactile technology in Full Body VR Suit makes the whole gaming experience more realistic and enjoyable.

But what exactly tactile technology does? How it make the gaming experience better than the traditional one?  Have a look at the key factors below and learn more in detail.

What is Tactile technology

Tactile technology is what that allow real world interactions with technology. You can also called it as a touch technology where you touch something on a digital device and based on your activity you get the result.

For an example: These days we are using touch mobiles where we touch a particular area of a screen with finger and open the stuff like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, etc. Even while reading the pdfs or other doc files we scroll the screen up and down to read a desired content.

So tactile technology involves a physical interaction that triggers a digital response.

Nowadays this technology introduced in the gaming, and players can touch the objects of computer generated fake environment like you can touch the wall, touch the gaming characters, you can touch a secret spot and open an information box or send the messages (earlier you were using mouse clicks).

So a ton of fun activities you can do with the tactile technology.

Tactile technology vs haptic technology

Guys tactile technology is quite similar to haptic technology,  but there is a small difference. As both focus on touch interactions with technology, but whereas haptic is simulated touch, tactile is physical touch.

Both of these technologies boosting the VR gaming experience where you can now touch the objects using the Tactile technology and feel the sensation on different part of your body with Haptic technology.

Tactile technology in Full body VR suit

By wearing the full body vr suit, vr headsets and vr gloves you can literately feel the pain and pleasure and touch the each and every object of the 3d VR game. You can feel the texture on wall, you can feel vibrations like wind effect, you can experience and shake hands with virtual living objects in the game.

As you are connected with game in virtual world you will feel everything like a reality.

For an example if you are playing call of duty then you can feel the bullet shots on your body, you can feel the vibrations of tanks on road, you can feel the heat wave of bomb explosion.

Even if you fighting with someone with bare hands in the game, you can feel the pressure and pain in muscles.

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